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Cricket betting odds explained


The most important thing you need to understand before placing a bet on any conclusions is ODDS. The odds decide the result of your bet. Whether you win the bet or you lose the bet depends on how you read and understand the bet. Cricket is a sport of thrill, nail-biting moments and so much more. You can not decide which team is going to win and which team is going to lose until the last moment of the game. However, some matches give you an opportunity to make you conclude a decision which team is going to win, accordingly you can place a bet, it is only possible if you are live streaming a cricket match. On the other hand, if you can not watch the live stream of the cricket match, on that occasion, you have to trust the odds. 

Let us understand how to read and understand the odds of cricket

Understanding odds

Like any other sport, cricket also shows 3 types of odds 

  1. Fractional odds
  2. Decimal odds
  3. American odds 

Fractional odds 

As per the names, fractional odds are displayed in terms of fractions. Let’s consider by example 2.5/1, This means you can place a bet of $1, after winning the bet you will get $2.5 additional with your betting amount. These odds are most famous in England.

Decimal odds

The easiest to read, understand and help you win the bet is Decimal odds. You simply have to convert the percentage outcomes into a fraction by dividing it by 100%. Suppose the winning percentage of India in the match of India vs England is 50%, then you simply have to divide it by 100%. Which will get you a fraction outcome i.e. 50% / 100% which will lead you to an outcome 2.0. That simply means if you place a bet of $1 you can have a chance of winning $3 which also includes the $1 you bet on that outcome. 

American odds

These odds, you can see in terms of positive and negative and these are always triple-digit. Here, The positive sign signifies that the team is going to win, on the other hand, a negative sign signifies that the team is going to lose. 

For example, For India vs Pakistan match, The odds for India are +200 and -150. And if you place a bet of $100 on India to win the match, you will get $200 if India wins the match. The same goes up for a negative sign. If you place $100 on India to lose the match, and if India loses the match against Pakistan, you will get $150. 

These 3 types of odds are used in cricket betting and betting is all about these 3 odds. And now that you have understood how to read the odds and find out the outcome of the odds, what are you waiting for? Place your bet on any cricket match and get a chance to win more money.